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Short distance transports Easy transport planning Lower transport costs

Shuttle transports

Benefits for the customer

  • Lower transport costs
  • Loading / unloading optimization
  • Easy transport planning
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Easy planning of loading / unloading times
  • Optimal utilization of workers and warehouse technicians
  • Increase in storage capacity / decrease in inventory
  • Elimination of waiting costs (the truck does not wait, only changes the empty trailer for a full one)


  • Short-distance transports
  • In shift mode 8, 12, 16 or 24 hours / day, up to 7 days a week
  • Most often combined with swap trailers Ewals Mega Trailer XLS
  • Usable for automotive, consumer goods and other industries

Shunting - A system of high frequency transports/trailer manipulation at short distances

Ewals Cargo Care is a short-distance shuttle specialist. We have developed a system called „shunting“ for these shipments.

We optimize transport by managing the process with swap / stand-alone 100 m3 megatrailers and one or more trucks

The system is particularly suited for short-distance transportation with high daily frequencies but can also be used elsewhere, especially where the customer needs additional storage capacity (e.g. weekend production)

The advantage is that the customer can gradually load the trailer by himself. When the trailer is loaded, the truck comes and takes it to the destination - the the waiting costs are therefore eliminated

When using multiple swap trailers, the truck is the link between the individual loading and unloading points

Overall, the shunt system allows to realize transports of a much larger quantity of material / products with a smaller number of trucks / drivers. As a result, it reduces transport costs and improves transport efficiency

  • Answer to every logistics challenge
  • Creative solutions
  • State of the art warehouse technology
  • Long-term cooperation with customers

Your logistic partner

Ewals Cargo Care is working on flexible, efficient and long-term functioning transport solutions since 1906.

Ewals Cargo Care is your partner for any type of transport and logistics solutions, regardless of whether it is a road, intermodal, air, ocean, oversized transport or supply chain management.

Live loading / unloading

Live loading / unloading

the trailer remains coupled behind the truck, the loading and unloading takes place in the presence of the driver

Swap trailer system

Swap trailer system

direct swaping of the empty trailer with the full one without waiting


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